Louise Oborne
Paintings, mixed media, works on paper


Interactions between natural and human-made environments, how we grapple with nature and place, how we understand our seen and unseen world, how our actions have intentional or unintentional impacts are all themes that inform my visual art practice.

Memory, emotion, the effects of time, the tension between the arbitrary and the controlled feature in my abstract paintings, mixed media pieces, and works on paper.

Through layering, inscribing, obscuring, and revealing, my work aims for an experiential dialogue with the viewer.


My paintings and prints are in private collections in Canada and abroad.


Curriculum vitae

1984–present Editor (retired) and visual artist.

1973–84  Graphic artist, commercial printing houses and graphic design studios. Editor.

1973–80  York University, Department of Visual Arts (BA). Studio: drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, experimental design. Art History: Asian, African, Western, Modern/Contemporary. Teaching Assistant (African Art).



2023 Trifolia (Gage Gallery Arts Collective with Laura Feeleus and Georgina Montgomery). 

2022 Artists for Ukraine (Vancouver Island School of Art, fundraiser). 

2022 6 x 6 x 6 (errant artSpace, group show). 

2021 New Beginnings, New Work (Xchanges Gallery, members' show). 

2021  SeenTogether (errant artSpace with Georgina Montgomery). 

2021 A Moment in Time (Xchanges Gallery, members' show). 

2019  Art Incognito (Vancouver Island School of Art, fundraiser).

2016  Small Works (Eclectic Gallery).

2016  Fall Salon (Eclectic Gallery).

2016  Legislated Colour (Martin Batchelor Gallery, group show).

2015  Re-ify (Massey Gallery, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, group show).

2014  Small Works (Eclectic Gallery).

2014  Human Condition (Xchanges Gallery, members' show).

2014  Re-ify (Arts Centre at Cedar Hill – Main Gallery, group show).

2014  Botanical Gestures (Eclectic Gallery with Katherine Farris).

2012  Birds of Uncommon Feather (with Katherine Farris).

2011  Art Incognito (Vancouver Island School of Art, fundraiser).

2010  Art Incognito (Vancouver Island School of Art, fundraiser).

2009  Fairfield Artists Studio Tour (with Katherine Farris).

2007 Art Incognito (Vancouver Island School of Art, fundraiser).

2002  Lost and Found (Pender Island, group show).

2002  Bank Street Art Group: Recent Works (The Gallery at the Mac, group show).

2002  Paint, Collage & Surface (Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria, group show).


Continuing studies

2019  Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts. Japanese paper manipulation (Dorothy Field).

2015–2019  Vancouver Island Art Workshops (Nicholas Wilton, Micheal Shemchuk, Claire Desjardins, Amanda Hawkins).

2004–2019  Vancouver Island School of Art. Various courses in water media, collage, surface development, principles of abstraction, understanding colour, contemporary drawing, resist drawing, image and idea, nature and the sublime, painting the unseen (Wendy Welch, Xane St. Philip, Charles Campbell, Lesley Clarke, Jeroen Witvliet, Marina DiMaio).

2003, 2005, 2007, 2010  Monotype printing (Jamie Evrard).

2002, 2006  Bill Porteous Studio Art Classes. Abstract expressionism, Abstracting the landscape (Bill Porteous).

2002  Xchanges. Collagraphy (Alain Costaz).

2001–2003  Victoria College of Art. Paint, collage, and surface I & II (Wendy Welch).

2000  Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts. Intensive life drawing (Heather Spears).

1999  Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts. Kantha stitching (Dorothy Caldwell).

1992  Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. Japanese papermaking (Dorothy Field).

1992–1994  Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. Chinese brush painting (Nenagh Molson).

1978–82  Toronto School of Art. Drawing, sculpture, silkscreen.



co-LAB-orate artists' group

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

Victoria Arts Council

Xchanges Gallery